This is the first of a pair of 'in-between' incarnations. "After all, when she lifts up her diary and all the incarnations flutter out, there are one or two spaces. (PROSE: The Time Lord's Story), Retro-regeneration was the process of regenerations being forced in reverse, causing the Time Lord in question to revert to previous incarnations, (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever) though it was not known to be permanent in any cases. The alliance between the Masters concluded with the revelation that the War Master had been assigned by the Time Lords to retrieve Artron's Matrix print from the Eleven so that it could be used to give Time Lords a new regeneration cycle, only taking a detour to restore a dead version of themselves to life (a future version of the Master in Bruce) with a new cycle of standard regenerations as part of the War Master's deal with the High Council. The two Masters were able to escape the Cult with their immediate memories scrambled, but their travels in the wrong bodies nearly destroyed the universe due to the paradox, with whole segments of history being erased - including meetings with the Fifth and Sixth Doctors - until the Seventh Doctor confronted both Masters at once and helped them realise what had happened. 4 | The Ninth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) The series took a dramatic shift with the transition from Troughton to Pertwee. The Masters returned to their own bodies and attempted to leave the Doctor to die so that they could hijack the Cult's plan to remake the universe, but the Doctor was able to follow them and restore reality as it was, apart from sending the Masters back to their points of origin with no recollection of their interactions with the Cult. Sam’s take: McGann only played the Doctor on TV one time, in one made-for-TV movie. Although your carelessness can often get you or your friends in trouble, you are loyal and unrelenting in your actions to help those in need. At least she didn’t rank him first. And with Christopher Eccleston now established as the *real* ninth Doctor (until the War Doctor showed up anyway), Grant's animated incarnation was written off as 'non-canon'. (If you're interested, you can still pick up 'Scream of the Shalka' on DVD. Over the history of Doctor Who, it could reasonably be argued that there have been 14 incarnations of the Doctor. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Master is the main antagonist of the series, and his/her complex history with the Doctor has driven the angles concerning this character. Tom Baker story 'The Brain of Morbius' sees the Doctor engage in a literally battle of wits with the titular villain, who uses a 'mind-bending' device – as Morbius faces off against the Doctor, past incarnations of the Time Lord appear on the machine's display. That would be like saying the handsomest incarnation of Batman is Bruce Thomas — who played Batman on the 2002 WB show Birds of Prey and in a few OnStar commercials. travelled through her time stream to recruit her decaying thirteenth incarnation, the Master in the stolen body of Tremas, the Master in the stolen body of Bruce and the post-resurrection eighteenth incarnation, forming a band to compete on The Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars. Sadly, fans have not been pleased with either. (TV: The Five Doctors). Wikis. The First Doctor lacked the whimsy and joie de vie found in later incarnations, but which I think is as fundamental a part of the Doctor as his two hearts or the TARDIS. (COMIC: The Five Masters) The group went on before the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald due to a shift in the program's schedule, and the five revealed themselves to the pair. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Christopher Eccleston doubts Doctor Who TV return, Doctor Who boss explains festive special title, Christopher Eccleston in Doctor Who return picture, Doctor Who stars hosting charity quiz for fans, Bradley Walsh on 'proudest' Doctor Who story, David Tennant's first Doctor Who series on sale, Doctor Who season 13 boss shares filming update, Michelle Gomez doesn't think Sabrina was cancelled, Doctor Who star teases Captain Jack's future, Why Doctor Who's Mandip Gill is staying on show, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. (COMIC: The Many Lives of Doctor Who) A further incarnation was yet to come. Lying just outside of the official line-up, though, are a number of 'quasi-Doctors' whose authenticity and place within the canon are hotly debated by fans. Register Start a Wiki. (COMIC: Timeslip, The Fountains of Forever, Outrun), Calculating the number of the Doctor's incarnations was complicated, as they rarely referred to themselves by number. After much prying, the Doctor correctly predicted the group's plan, but still refused to intervene as they started their song. He conceded but claimed that the word was hardly ever used. FANDOM. Since his incarnation has never been confirmed he's either an alternate or a future Doctor. Just 13 actors have played the lead role in Doctor Who across its 56 years on air – or 14, if you count John Hurt, who never actually fronted the series but guested as the 'War Doctor' in two TV episodes in 2013. The Third Doctor has really grown on me after watching the entire series, and I didn’t fully appreciate him until I encountered some of the later incarnations. (AUDIO: The Lady in the Lake), Each incarnation was capable of lasting a few thousand years before wearing out and needing to regenerate, (PROSE: The Novel of the Film) with the Time Lord Handrel specifying that a single incarnation could live for around ten thousand years. Clones of the Doctor‎ W. War Doctor‎ C. Curator (The Day of the Doctor) D. The Doctor (Battlefield) The Doctor (From Eternity) The Doctor (Party Animals) The Doctor (Reunedition) The Doctor (Seven Keys to Doomsday) The Doctor (The Blue Angel) The Doctor (The Cabinet of Light) The Doctor (The Colour of Monsters) The Doctor (The Dalek Factor) (COMIC: Four Doctors) Time Lords might also use the term "bodies" or "body" when referring, generally, to either their own or other Time Lords' different incarnations. "We tried to get famous actors for the faces of the Doctor – but because no-one would volunteer, we had to use backroom boys.". It would appear that the Draxes used this technology to complete various other schemes in their lives, the different Draxes working together to complete complex plans that would have been harder for any individual incarnation to pull off. The strangest one, or eight, of them all. Time will tell! We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. While it was sometimes used interchangeably with "regeneration", (TV: The Keeper of Traken, Extremis) incarnations were actually the result of this process, with Time Lords regenerating from one incarnation to another. In all his incarnations, the Eighth Doctor has proven extremely prone to bouts of amnesia, a tendency apparently inspired by the plot of his sole television appearance. Playful, scruffy and childlike while maintaining a genius wit, Troughton’s Doctor informed many of the series’ modern incarnations, particularly Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor. "I do think of it as, in the distant, distant future, long after Jodie [Whittaker] and long after we're all dead, the Doctor settles down and chooses a different incarnation per day to revisit," writer Moffat later admitted. The Timeless Child, as the apparent source of regeneration, appeared to be exempt from this regeneration limit, able to cycle between incarnations indefinitely when experimented on by Tecteun. 9. Not wanting the Ravenous to destroy the universe, the three Masters collaborated to undo the Eleven's plan to grant all life in the universe the ability to regenerate via the Crucible of Souls while the Doctor helped Artron realise how he could stop the threat posed by the Ravenous. Though the Seventh Doctor identified himself as "number seven”, (AUDIO: The Defectors) the Eighth Doctor's immediate successor did not use the title of Doctor until the end of his life, leading to ambiguity from this point forward. "I know you don't," the stranger replies. (TV: The Doctor Falls), Eleven of Drax's thirteen incarnations teamed up in order to con the Fourth Doctor into stealing a Blinovitch Limitation Effect limiter, which was what allowed them to cooperate on this scheme in the first place. Because of his actions during the Time War, his future selves completely denied his existence. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell) On one occasion, the Sixth Doctor used the word "iteration". FANDOM. Three Recommended Stories: Vengeance on Varos, The Two Doctors, Revelation of the Daleks At first harder to like than many incarnations with … The Watcher, we're told, was "the Doctor all the time", though it's never made entirely clear *what* he is, why he exists, and why none of the Doctor's other regenerations were foreshadowed by the arrival of anyone/anything similar. The recasting of actors playing the part of the Doctor is explained within the programme by the Time Lords' ability to regenerate after suffering illness, mortal injury or old age. a familiar voice booms. (In something of an unofficial audition, Bradley had played Hartnell himself four years earlier, in the 2013 drama 'An Adventure in Space and Time'). (AUDIO: The Trouble with Drax). The Many Forgotten Pre-Hartnell Incarnations of Doctor Who. (TV: The Three Doctors), When the Master offered to assist the Cult of the Heretic in their plans to remake the universe, they agreed to the offer only if he would kill one of his past selves to prove his loyalty to their cause, as the Anomaly Cage would protect the Master from the resulting paradox. RELATED: 10 Shows To Watch If You Love Doctor Who. "I like that idea.". Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? The villain was eventually unmasked as an "amalgamation of the darker sides of [the Doctor's] nature" somehow given physical form – again, no clear explanation is given on screen as to what brought him into existence. The Master's birth name was Koschei and he was born on Gallifrey and grew up alongside the Doctor. It's actually pretty fun.). You're youthful, playful and often careless. Incarnations and actors of the Doctor Up until now, the Doctor has regenerated fourteen times, and each " incarnation " was played by a different actor (except for the Tenth Doctor, who used up two regenerations by channeling excess regeneration energy after healing to his old hand that had been chopped of in The Christmas Invasion ). The Eleventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who.He is played by Matt Smith in three series as well as five specials. (AUDIO: Day of the Master) In her Spacebook profile, Missy identified herself as the nineteenth incarnation of the Master. Now, these are coming to an end, to be replaced by boxsets for the respective Doctors and companions, seemingly trialed with The Sixth Doctor … (TV: Hell Bent), Contact between separate incarnations of the same Time Lord constituted a violation of the First Law of Time. In-universe, the Master has had about twenty incarnations, but we’ve seen only about ten of these in the TV shows and audio books. (AUDIO: And You Will Obey Me, Vampire of the Mind, The Two Masters), Missy, the nineteenth incarnation of the Master, (PROSE: Girl Power!) This particular bit of revision fixes the morbius doctor issue, adds "the division" into the mix, whatever that is (anything to do with the Celestial Intervention Agency, given that they lifted his exile?) (TV: The Ultimate Foe), The Eleventh Doctor thought he had never used the word incarnation in that capacity but was proven wrong by Ally, from an alternate dimension, who played a clip from Doctor Who of the Sixth Doctor discussing his "last incarnation" in The Twin Dilemma. The Doctor Who Incarnations Quiz. So I think it'd be great if she met with Jodie Whittaker's Doctor." 'Shalka' sequels were plotted, but the announcement in late 2003 that Doctor Who would be returning to TV scuppered these plans. (TV: World Enough and Time) Though they initially joined forces, Missy ultimately elected to side with the Doctor against the Cybermen, resulting in her being killed without the opportunity to regenerate by her predecessor, though not before she mortally wounded him and thus initiated his regeneration. Mar 4, 2020. This ability was not introduced until producers had to find a way to replace the ailing William Hartnell with Patrick Troughton and was not explicitly called "regeneration" until Jon Pertwee's transforma… He also demonstrates, in his first and only televised appearance, a penchant for sleight of hand. Set in a totally different continuity to the series, the films reimagined our alien hero as an eccentric human inventor who'd built the TARDIS in his back garden. It is unknown what incarnation he's in, but cause he looks similar to the original twelfth Doctor, it may be possible that he's in his twelfth incarnation. No kidding. Towards the end of 'The Day of the Doctor', Matt Smith's eleventh incarnation wistfully contemplates giving up his life of adventuring in time and space to become a curator at the National Gallery. The so-called Tenth Doctor also once regenerated and kept his face, resulting in a distinct meta-crisis incarnation. Incarnations. (COMIC: The Abominable Showmen) Missy expected the Doctor to attempt to stop the five of them, or to at least esquire on their plans, but the Doctor refused to intervene or question their scheme. Fighting the Doctor (and saving him, when she’s not busy trying to kill him), fighting Daleks, simultaneously helping and tormenting Clara – Missy reminds the audience with mad style why she and her previous incarnations have always been the Doctor’s best frenemy. (COMIC: The Five Masters), When the Eleven formed an alliance with the Ravenous, the Master became aware of it in three different incarnations; the Master in Bruce's body met the Eighth Doctor while working with the Gallifreyan scientist Artron to try and gain new life energy in Gallifrey's distant past, the War Master responded to a call for help sent by Liv Chenka from a Time Lord waystation the Master had claimed as a base, and Missy later responded to another call for help from her predecessors and abducted Helen Sinclair to pursue another lead to Artron's current location.

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